We are a green tech company of the ASK Chemicals Group and offer innovative industrial exhaust air purification systems. We develop tailor-made solutions to reduce emissions in the exhaust air as optimally as possible and to comply with environmental regulations.

We have already successfully implemented projects in the metalworking industry and offer more and more solutions in the printing and coating industry, the wood industry, in paint shops and in the food industry. In short: wherever volatile organic compounds (VOC), solvents, formaldehyde, BTX and many other pollutants are to be reduced.

Our modular air purification systems are designed for the highest level of economy and future security for our customers.

We offer competent and pragmatic advice, first-class implementation and comprehensive service. We always and consistently align ourselves with the goals of our customers.


  • Best possible cleaning performance through innovative and holistic total solutions from a single source.
  • Compliance with current and future legal limits.
  • Reduction of operating costs through energy-efficient systems and cleaning function on demand.
  • Increasing operational safety possible through permanent monitoring and control of the cleaning system.
  • Future security through modular and expandable structure.

We do everything for the best solutions:

Our path to joint success:

We analyze the framework, task and objectives with our customers very carefully. If necessary, we carry out diverse emission measurements and laboratory analyzes.

Based on the requirements, we develop various solution concepts and use them to create a budget offer.

Then we carry out tests with our mobile test systems to technically secure the solution concepts and to demonstrate the cleaning performance of our technologies.

We offer „everything from a single source“ for the assembly, automation and commissioning of the systems.

Maintenance and service contracts, as well as a comprehensive range of training courses complete our range of services.

XPURIS ACP - Advanced Catalytic PurifierExhaust air purification through catalytic oxidation

Highly efficient xpuris catalysts eliminate pollutants such as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and amines from the exhaust air flow with low energy consumption. The catalyst is applied to a honeycomb carrier material.

Among other things, this has the advantage of a high dust tolerance. The exhaust air is drawn in with a fan and preheated in a heat exchanger with the cleaned exhaust air. To reach the required working temperature, the polluted exhaust air flow is heated to approx. 300 ° C with a process air heater. On the surface of the catalytic converter, the pollutants are oxidized to carbon dioxide and water by direct and indirect chemical reactions. Catalytic cleaning does not produce any liquid or solid waste.

The system is controlled and monitored via an MSR system with a programmable logic controller (PLC).

XPURIS UVP - Ultraviolet PurifierExhaust air purification using UV photo-oxidation

  • The UVP module maps the natural self-cleaning mechanism of the earth’s atmosphere and amplifies it many times to remove pollutants such as VOCs, amines and benzene.
  • In the UVP module, the exhaust air flows through special tubes that produce UV light (photo ozone lamps). Their radiation converts natural oxygen (O2) into reactive oxygen (O3 = ozone).

This combines with the pollutant emissions in the exhaust air. The low concentration and therefore harmless ozone oxidizes with various pollutants such as VOC, amines, formaldehyde, benzene and odorants. The residues (CO2, water and dust) are removed with the exhaust system.

XPURIS UVP 3Mobile Test Facilities

With our small, compact test systems (ACP / UVP), we are very easily able to verify the cleaning efficiency for your application and to design the real systems on it. So you have proof of effectiveness before the investment is made. We would be happy to make you an offer for a 1-2 day test at your company.


xpuris ACP-E

xpuris UVP3

Satisfied customers are our top priority. They are the driving force to always be one step ahead.

We could also say that: There is no such thing as impossible. No matter how big a task is or how intractable a problem appears. We have already demonstrated this. And that’s also what we’re committed to in the future.

One reason why this is so: We take emission so to speak personally. Therefore, you can expect from anyone in our company 100% know-how and 100% commitment.

But a recommendation from satisfied customers is the best reference for us.

What we can do for you today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow: Talk to us. Do not hesitate to contact us.

xpuris GmbH
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40221 Düsseldorf/Germany
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